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Thank you for visiting - America's best provider for Dial-Up Internet Service since 1997. remains one of the most affordable Dial-Up plans available today while maintaining a policy where we do not require installation of proprietary software nor do we track your online habits or sell your e-mail or personal information. We also provide you with reliable Internet & Email service, toll free support, and online security. Our long standing experience and stability has earned an excellent reputation. For your best choice in Dial UP internet Service choose

-Marc Hawk, President

* Due to the rapidly increasing costs of providing dialup network access through landline based telephone systems, beginning April 1, 2016 will begin charging a $2.00 per month network access fee on top of the base monthly cost of service.

** Maximum acceleration gain up to 19.69x (faster) - Average acceleration gain of 5.45x (faster) actual results may vary.

† CopperArchive is available free for each email address (up to 5 included with the Premium Bundle). Additional email addresses and CopperArchiving are available at our standard rates.

‡ Exceptions and exclusions may apply. See terms of service for more details.

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I Love I was using MSN and was always getting booted off the internet, NOT with I find it very easy to use. Very reliable. I will recommend to everyone I know. Thanks for providing this exceptional service at a reasonable price......
Deborah - MN

So far your service is wonderful! Far superior to PeoplePC and the disastrous NetZero! At the low price I'm paying, I am completely satisfied. I just hope you stay as wonderful as you are. THANK YOU!
William - AZ

Your technical support is knowledgeable, courteous and patient! Thanks much for employing locals and not shipping jobs overseas; one of the features that attracted me to your company as well as the excellent consumer ratings. Thanks much for everything!
Mary - WA