Never lose an important Email with CopperArchive!

Have you ever accidentally lost an email or wanted to re-read a message from the past?

Now with CopperArchive Logo you can retrieve any email that you may have deleted months ago.

Easily retrieve Email up to 6 months old.
Access your recovered Email from any PC on the Internet.
Monthly - only $0.99 per Email account or
Yearly (save) - $9.95 per Email account
CopperArchive is now available free*
with the Copper Premium plan.
Sign up online or give us a call at: 888.336.3318

A simple and intuitive solution for email backup, storage, retrieval and recovery.

availability price best deal
NetZero no no no
no no no
Gmail yes $45.00 yr no
Other Online Offers yes $3.99 mo no

* Free CopperArchive applies to the principal email address associated with the Premium Bundle account. CopperArchive can be purchased at our standard rate of $0.99/mo for each additional email address.

** Monthly and Yearly pricing for Standard DialUp service or each additional email address with the Copper Premium plan.