Accelerate your Internet! HiSpeed

Introducing the New Premium Bundle from Copper.Net!

Tired of slow web page loads?
Want high speed Internet without the high price?

Copper.Net is excited to introduce a new Premium upgrade bundle for your dial up account. Copper Premium includes a HiSpeed Accelerator which allows you to surf the Internet up to 19-times faster* through your existing phone lines. A built in Pop Up Blocker is also included for an even better Internet experience. Copper Premium includes CopperArchive for each email account** (up to a $4.95/mo value).

The HiSpeed Accelerator requires no additional equipment. The HiSpeed Accelerator allows you to download web pages, graphics and text faster than you thought possible through your dial up account! After you set up your Premium account, you will be prompted to download the HiSpeed Accelerator software.

The HiSpeed Accelerator is easy to set up and the service is fast! We guarantee you'll notice a difference. Sign up today and try our new Copper Premium plan.

System requirements for Copper Premium:

  • Pentium 166 or better.
  • Windows 95 or better.
  • Mac OS X or better.
  • 5 MB hard disk space or better.

Please note at this time Copper Premium is only available
for Windows and Mac OS X users.

If you already have a standard account and would like to upgrade to Copper Premium please fill out and send the form below.

Your Name:
Your Current Email Address:
Contact Phone Number:

Any questions please contact CopperHiSpeed.

To read more about HiSpeed Accelerator, click here.

* Maximum acceleration gain up to 19.69x (faster) - Average acceleration gain of 5.45x (faster) actual results may vary.

** CopperArchive is available free for each email address (up to 5 included with the Premium Bundle). Additional email addresses and CopperArchiving are available at our standard rates.

† Exceptions and exclusions may apply. See terms of service for more details.