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Premium Bundle
HiSpeed Dial Up
includes Standard Plan plus
  • 19x faster with Copper Accelerator1
  • Includes 5 Email Accounts.
  • 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed.
New Features:
  • Free CopperArchive2
  • Free Mailbox Upgrades3
First 3 months
Save 50%
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Dial Up
Unlimited Dial-Up Plan
  • Toll Free American Tech Support.
  • Fast and Reliable!
  • Unlimited Internet & Email.
  • No Credit Card Required.
  • 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed.
First 3 months
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The Best Choice
is   PeoplePC   NetZero
Unlimited Internet and Email service      
Spam Protection      
Virus Protection      
Keeps account information private      
FREE U.S. based Customer Support      
100% American Owned & Operated      

See PeoplePC or NetZero terms of service for more detail on their policy and procedures.†

* Promo price of $4.97/mo. for the first 3 months, then our Standard Dial-Up rate of $9.95/mo. thereafter.

** Promo price of $7.47/mo. for the first 3 months, then our Premium Bundle rate of $14.95/mo. thereafter.

1Maximum acceleration gain up to 19.69x (faster) - Average acceleration gain of 5.45x (faster) actual results may vary.

2CopperArchive is available free for each email address (up to 5 included with the Premium Bundle). Additional email addresses and CopperArchiving are available at our standard rates.

3250MB mailbox upgrades are available free upon request for up to 5 email addresses included with the Premium Bundle plan.

†References to PeoplePC or NetZero based on plans and promotions publicly stated on their respective websites as of April 2010. PeoplePC and NetZero are trademarks of their respective owner.

†The policies and procedures of PeoplePC or NetZero may change from time to time.

†PeoplePC and NetZero offer some us based support.

† Exceptions and exclusions may apply. See terms of service for more details.