The Internet Browser Debate: Which Is Better?

by Hannah Miller 22. October 2009 20:11

If you are like most Internet users, you probably have a Windows computer and primarily use Internet Explorer to surf webpages. What make Internet Explorer so much more used than all the other browsers put together? There are two prominent likely reasons for this:

  1. Internet Explorer is a part of the Windows operating system—which the majority of computer users have. It's readily available from the moment you first turn on your computer.
  2. Many people who use the Internet are novice computer users. They don't know there are any other options other than Internet Explorer, and even if they did, downloading another browser would be an intimidating task.

Naturally, a percentage of IE users simply prefer it to any other browser. Here's a debate of IE against all the rest, based on research and the input of loyal browser users of both sides.

Argument: Internet Explorer is obviously the best because it's the biggest. If far more people are using IE than any other browser, then surely its creator, Microsoft, is doing something right. They have been around for a long time, which means they excel in experience, resources and background when it comes to computer programs and the Internet. When IE8 was released, experts said it was the safest browser. Also, since IE is the most used browser, every website, download, and web application is compatible with it. Technical support is more readily available for Internet Explorer than any other browser.

Rebuttal: The bigger they are, the harder they fall. There are more threats and viruses targeted toward Internet Explorer than any other browser. IE is the most used, so a virus on it would affect the most people. For this reason, many computer technicians and experienced Internet users steer clear of IE completely and recommend others to do so.


Argument: Internet Explorer works better with your computer. Most Internet users have a Windows computer, and IE is well integrated with their operating system. Not only is IE already installed and ready to use when you buy the computer, windows is designed to automatically update to newer versions of IE or add patches for IE and other windows components. This means that, with no effort on your part, IE will always be safe, updated, and in sync with your computer. How much more convenient can it be?

Rebuttal: Internet Explorer is too close. Every time Microsoft introduces a new product, there are bugs and issues to iron out. Many computer technicians actually recommend to wait a few months before downloading new versions of Internet Explorer for this reason. They also recommend creating a restore point and backing up important files in case upgrading to a new version of IE will cause the computer to crash! Many people have had major computer problems from trying to download IE8 or revert back to a previous version. This type of issue wouldn't happen with another browser, because they are simply downloads (not deeply integrated with your operating system) that can be easily installed and uninstalled.


Argument: Internet Explorer has features for everyone. The latest version, IE8, appeals to a variety of interests and needs. The address bar, favorites, add-on's, and other features have been expanded and introduced. Many of these features are already downloaded as a part of the browser to make them easy to find and quickly accessible. Other browser require for some features to be individually downloaded.

Rebuttal: Features are out of Internet Explorer's league. IE has a record of falling behind other browsers to introduce new features. Of the top most-used browsers today, IE7 was the last to implement tabbed browsing. IE8 was among the last to introduce features that standard to other browsers, like session restore, tab isolation, and private browsing. Also, since IE's features are largely built in, the download size is twice as large as other browsers.

Furthermore, the whole reason companies like Google, Mozilla, and Opera created their browsers is because one browser can't be best for everyone. There are features and gadgets available on Firefox and Opera that would confuse a beginner user, and create endless possibilities for advanced users. Chrome offers a simple approach that uses less features than any browser, but may also be much faster.


Conclusion: IE is great for people who just want to get online and don't want to (or know how to) download another browser. As long as Windows computers are popular, IE will probably continue to hold the majority market share, but other browsers will still be available for everyone who doesn't like IE. Thankfully, these alternatives are free to download, so anyone can try them out and perhaps find a browser that suits them better.


Written by Hannah Miller, Online Marketing Representative and Customer Service, is a nationwide Internet services provider that is all-American owned and operated. Call today, 1-800-336-3318 or sign up online at! Check out my blog for more articles!

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