Never lose an important Email with CopperArchive!

Have you ever accidentally lost an email or wanted to re-read a message from the past?

Now with CopperArchive you can retrieve any email that you may have deleted months ago.

Once archiving is added to your account, our server will begin to back-up new emails you receive. Emails that have been archived are retrievable for up to six months.

Please note, we will not be able to retrieve messages received prior to email archiving being activated.

Easily retrieve Email up to 6 months old.
Access your recovered Email from any PC on the Internet.
Monthly - only $0.99 per Email account or
Yearly (save) - $9.95 per Email account
Sign up online or give us a call at: 888.336.3318

A simple and intuitive solution for email backup, storage, retrieval and recovery.

availability price best deal
NetZero no no no
no no no
Gmail yes $45.00 yr no
Other Online Offers yes $3.99 mo no

* CopperArchive can be purchased at our standard rate of $0.99/mo for each additional email address.

** Monthly and Yearly pricing for Standard DialUp service.