Referral Center

Note: If you do not yet have a promotional code, click here to get one. Make sure you return here after you get your promotional code to download some of the free buttons and banners that will help you to promote

The purpose of’s Referral Center is to help individuals and organizations with promotional codes to generate referrals quickly and easily. We have developed some helpful tools to make sure your efforts are successful. We have an online tracking system set up so you can keep up on your referrals any time, day or night! Check out the email a friend page. It is a way for you to get a quick start with our program. Below you will find buttons and banners that can be placed on personal and company web sites. Just point them to your own tracking URL for automated referral sign ups! We also have a distribution flyer in Adobe Acrobat format that you can embed your promotional code into and print out. Be sure to check out the other helpful tools below.

Online Tracking

Check your monthly referrals online! Click on the link below and enter your promotional code.

Buttons and Banners:

Click HERE for a listing of our buttons and banners for placement on your website!


We have created a flyer you can print. Simply click the link below. Make sure to add your promotional code to receive credit for the referral. You can do this by writing it in, using a label, or edit the image with a graphics program before you print. (You can use MS Paint to add the code)

Click HERE to see the flyer.