Why Copper.net?

Top 5 Reasons to Choose Us!

1) Better Privacy Protection:
Copper.net offers greater customer privacy policies than other providers. Unlike many other providers, we do not track, sell or release any information regarding our users’ online habits for any type of corporate or financial gain. We won’t sell your information to the highest bidder. Your privacy is one of our top concerns!

2) 100% American Company:
Copper.net does not outsource jobs or services outside of the U.S.A! Copper.net is a proud American company that does not outsource any of its’ business operations or services overseas. We believe we have the friendliest staff in our industry!

3) 100% Compatibility:
Compatible with all major Internet browsers and Email programs. We do not require the use of proprietary software to use the Internet. Simply create an Internet connection using software that is already installed in your computer. No lengthy downloads or installs required. This results in faster, streamlined performance using the Internet the way you prefer. Need assistance? Just call us toll free!

4) Excellent Spam and Virus Protection:
Our servers filter Spam and Viruses to keep you protected. Copper.net scans for spam and viruses on our servers prior to delivering email to your account. Spam protection is provided with a customizable spam filter that can easily be set to your preferences.

5) 100% AOL, Google, Yahoo Compatible:
Use Copper.net for hassle free access to popular free services online. Copper.net allows you to log online and access all the most popular services that you may have been used to with your previous provider. Use all free services from AOL, Google, Yahoo, MSN, MySpace and others without any problems from us!