Pay by Check / Money Order Form

This form can be used for both new accounts and existing accounts who choose to pay by check or money order.

Please print this form, fill it out and mail it in. Allow 1-2 weeks for account to be updated. If an existing customer you will be notified through your Copper.Net email of receipt of payment. If you are a new customer, we will call you at the phone number you provide upon receipt of this form.

Please check one:

Please check one:



City, State, Zip:________________________________________

Telephone Number: __________________________________
(This will only be used to contact you if there is a problem with your payment or setting up your account)

User-id on Copper.Net:_______________________
(New users: fill in the username that you would like; this will be the first part of your email address "userid"

Second choice of user-id on Copper.Net:_______________________
(For new accounts only)

Password on Copper.Net: ____________________
(new users: fill in the password that you would like)

How did you hear about _______________________________

If you have a promotional code, please write it here: ____________________

If paying in advance for 6 or 12 months for the Standard service please enclose the full amount.

*** Please note, if planning to pay monthly by check or money order for Standard DialUp service you must include a $2.00 handling fee* on each monthly payment ***

If you are signing up for the Standard DialUp service and you need to pay monthly, we suggest using either a credit card or debit card to do so. Monthly payments are automatic and you will be billed the standard rate $9.95 per month rate. You will also gain instant access upon verification of the card. If you choose this option. you may sign up today at, or by calling us at (888) 336-3318.

You will be emailed a renewal notice when your subscription nears expiration each month or next year. At that time you may send another check or money order to renew your subscription.

Please mail check or money order to:

Pay by Check Dept.
PO Box 511
Mount Vernon, OH 43050

Please view our Terms of Service with any questions.

* For the Standard DialUp service, there is a $2.00 handling fee in addition to the standard monthly rate when paying by check or money order. This fee is waved when paying for service in advance for 6 or 12 months, or when paying with credit card or debit card.