Why do I not get any web pages?

Ensure that you are still connected to Copper.Net, check the web site address (URL) syntax to make sure it is spelled correctly and contains all the characters in the correct case. In addition, the specific page you are attempting to access may have been removed, had its name changed, been down temporarily or been moved to a new location.

If you cannot access any web sites while connected, please verify the following settings:

Click Start
Click Programs
Click Internet Explorer
Click Tools on the main menu
Click Internet Options
Click the Connections tab.
Select Always dial my default connection if it is not already selected.
Click the Settings... button
Ensure Automatically Detect Settings is selected. If not, click to add a check mark.
Ensure Automatic configuration script is not selected. If it is, click to remove the check mark.
Ensure Use a proxy server is not selected. If it is, click to remove the check mark.
Click Ok.
Click Apply and then Ok Attempt to access the web pages that you could not previously access.
If this does not resolve the error, call customer support.

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