Dialup Setup Instructions - Macintosh OS X Puma 10.1

How to setup the TCP/IP and PPP connect control panels for Macintosh OSX

Select the System Preferences from the dock.

There are two places where you will need to make dialup connection settings: System Preferences, Network and Finder, Apps, PPP Connect.

The first step is to make the System Preferences settings by clicking the System Preferences icon and then click on the Network icon.

With the Network dialog box open, click the TCP/IP tab and make sure that the configure pop-up menu is set to No Connection.

When this has been assured, click Apply and close the dialog box.

Select the Finder from the dock.

The last step is to make your PPP Connect settings by clicking on the Finder icon then selecting the Apps icon at the top of the dialog box. With the Apps page showing, click the PPP Connect icon.

With the PPP Connect dialog box open, enter the following information for PPP dialup connections

Phone Number: {your local dialup number}
Name: {yourname}@copper.net
Password: {your password}
Remember Password: CHECKED
DNS Address:
Domain Name: copper.net

Lastly... Click Connect and you're ONLINE!

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