Dialup Setup Instructions - Macintosh OS X Tiger 10.4

This set up information describes how to setup the Network control panel and setup Internet Connect for Macintosh OS X.4 Tiger. These control panels control the dialup and connection configurations from your computer to the world. After completing this configuration you will be able to dialup to the Internet.
Mac OSX / Tiger Setup

Select the Apple Button from the system menu, and click on Location>Network Preferences

When System Preferences appears, click on the Network icon.

The Network icon appears many places in OSX, in this instance it appears twice. Once in the windows top menu and again in the Internet & Network section.

When the network window comes up, set the popup list called Show to Internal Modem.

With the Internal Modem selected, set the following parameters:

Service Provider: Copper.net
Account Name: username@copper.net
Password: {yourpassword}
Telephone Number: {a local Copper.net dialup number}
Save Password: CHECKED

Click PPP Options to set the operational parameters of your dialup connection..

Make sure to check and/or uncheck the pameters as show to the left. The first checkbox "Connect Automatically when needed" should be checked if you want the computer to dialup up when you open up your browser, email program or any other web dependent application.

If you want the establishment of a dialup connection to be up to you, leave this box unchecked.

Click OK to continue...

Finally click Apply Now to set your Internet connection parameters.

If you have not checked the Connect automatically when needed checkbox you use the Connect button in the Network preferences or use Remote Access to connect to the Internet.

If you checked the checkbox, starting up any Internet dependent application will cause the computer to dialup automatically.

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