Dialup Setup Instructions - Macintosh OS X Leopard 10.5

This set up information describes how to setup the Network control panel and setup Internet Connect for Macintosh OSX. These control panels control the dialup and connection configurations from your computer to the world. After completing this configuration you will be able to dialup to the Internet.
Mac OSX / Jaguar Setup

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Select the System Preferences from the apple menu.

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In the System Preferences window, select Network from the Network and Internet section.

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In the Network window, you will automatically be directed to the Built-In Ethernet connection.  Click on External Modem (Or Internal Modem depending on your hardware) in the menu on the left.

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With the Modem selected, set the following parameters:

Configuration: default
Account Name: username@copper.net
Password: {yourpassword}
Telephone Number: {a local Copper.net dialup number}
Save Password: CHECKED

Also make sure that "Show modem status in menu bar" is checked.

Leopard step 5.JPG

You are now ready to connect to the internet!  To connect, either click "Connect" in this window, or you can use the menu-bar item you just created, as shown here.  Just click on the phone icon in your menu-bar, select your connection.

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