Windows 7: A Basic Introduction

by hmiller 5. February 2010 10:48

If you are like the majority of computer users, you are using a Windows XP operating system. Even though Microsoft Vista has been released since 2007, more people are still using XP than any other operating system by any company combined. Now, since October 2009, the latest version of the Windows operating systems is Windows 7.

Before XP, Windows released a series called the Windows NT’s. Even after they stopped using this name (the last one being Windows NT 4.0) Windows operating systems were still being created with the NT code base. Therefore, Windows 2000 was technically Windows NT 5.0, XP was also known as Windows NT 5.1, and Vista was Windows NT 6.0. In case you wondered where the name came from, Windows 7 is the seventh version of the NT code base operating systems.

At first glance, Windows 7 is very much like its predecessor, Windows Vista. The interface (named Windows Aero) is much like Vista’s—sporting high-quality graphics and desktop gadgets, a circular Windows emblem button in place of the green “Start” button, and redesigned, sleek windows.

There are a few minor, but intriguing and useful features new to Windows 7 that have added to the interface and its usability. If you like multitasking, you probably find yourself working with several windows open at once. This can get confusing, especially when you when your taskbar is full of tabs for open windows and you don’t remember which is which. Here are a few things you can do:

*Hover over each tab along the taskbar to see a preview of the webpage or program to help you find the one you want without losing the layout of the windows as they currently are.
*Drag windows to the edge of the screen to automatically resize them or to compare two windows at once.
*Click the “Peek” button on the desktop to “see through” all your open windows to see your background, check out a desktop gadget, or find a hidden icon.
*Click, hold, and shake your mouse on any given window to minimize all the windows but that one. Shake it again to get all the windows back!

Another new option is to “Pin” certain frequently used files and programs to your taskbar for quick access, without adding another icon or having to clutter your start menu.“Homegroup” is another new feature that makes networking home computers and devices like printers safe and easy.

You may be apprehensive about upgrading to Windows 7, especially if, like most people, you are still using Windows XP. Many people had problems with Windows Vista, both amateurs trying to adjust to the adjust to the new looks and features, and professionals concerned with its speed and stability. Because of this, and the fact that XP was the latest version for 6 years before the release of Vista have added to many doubts about new upgrades. Windows 7 has set out to combat some of the technical issues brought up with Vista, and, although 7 does offer an “XP mode” that will run older programs, the layout is here to stay. Adjusting to the new design is probably the biggest hurdle, as Windows 7 was designed for ultimate usability. For more information about Windows 7, check out


Written by Hannah Miller, Online Marketing Representative and Customer Service, is a nationwide Internet services provider that is all-American owned and operated. Call today, 1-800-336-3318 or sign up online at! Check out my blog for more articles!

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